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Directing Testimonials

"Liz [Elizabeth] Saunders brings a fierce intelligence - mental AND emotional to all her work. She creates a safe, fertile space for creativity to flourish. And she expertly balances a flexibility to new ideas and impulses with and a strong, sure vision in her direction." ​

- Astrid Van Wieren

"While working under the direction of Liz, I was simultaneously given permission to be totally outrageous and painstakingly detailed.  Her intellect, bundled with her curiosity about humanity as a whole, allows her to approach text in a holistic and utterly truthful way.  She sees the forest AND the trees, and crafts a play or a scene in a way that lets you move yourself around inside the story like a chess piece: the possibilities are endless but she will never let you fall off the board.  I was incredibly proud of the work I accomplished under her watch. I loved being directed by her."

- Vickie Papavs

“I love working with Liz.  She has great insights into character and is rigorous with text.  It’s a collaborative process with Liz - I know my voice is being heard in the room.” 

- Tracey Ferencz

“Elizabeth Saunders directed my drama “A Good Death” for its debut at the Toronto Fringe Festival in 2016. She brought it to life with a detailed, nuanced approach that ensured that its essential themes were presented in a manner that literally brought tears to the eyes of the audience. I was overjoyed at what she accomplished with my work as she wove all the elements of script, sound, lighting, and transition together into a dynamic experience for all." ​

- Shelley Hobbes

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