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"Saunders is Vibrant and Irrepressible."                       - Now Magazine
Dock Mother God Society.jpg

"The cast is excellent, lead by the formidable Elizabeth Saunders as Bev. She has a piercing stare that can pin a person to the spot while she looks them up and down. She is measured and jokey but still is a woman with whom you don’t want to mess."

- Slotkin Letter

Dock Mother God Society

"Elizabeth Saunders ... incarnates dignity, masterful  domination of the spoken word  because  each sound  produced meaning and thus, the text in its ensemble, was given a life of its own .. This is one of the rare times I have ever seen a performance that seemed to rise above all the  stereotypes of gender  and find a form of its own."

- Capital Critic's Circle

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As You Like It

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"Saunders carries the production in a performance of vulnerability and empathy on one hand and fearlessness and despair on the other."

-Globe and Mail

4.48 Psychosis

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