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Elizabeth Saunders ... incarnates dignity, masterful  domination of the spoken word  because  each sound  produced meaning and thus, the text in its ensemble, was given a life of its own .. This is one of the rare times I have ever seen a performance that seemed to rise above all the  stereotypes of gender  and find a form of its own.  

- Capital Critic's Circle

Best of all is Saunders, whose Goldie is the production's emotional centre… Want to gauge her superb performance? Pay attention to Goldie's terrifying little medication meltdown, or listen to the way she repeats "I love you" to Elian, each repetition providing added depth.

- Now Magazine

Saunders gives us a compelling and poignant portrait of a salesperson past her prime, an old-school practitioner struggling along the rat race, ravenously desperate to break a losing streak, and avoid falling into despair. 

- Life With More Cowbell


Saunders carries the production in a performance of vulnerability and empathy on one hand and fearlessness and despair on the other.

- Globe and Mail

The cast is excellent, lead by the formidable Elizabeth Saunders as Bev. She has a piercing stare that can pin a person to the spot while she looks them up and down. She is measured and jokey but still is a woman with whom you don’t want to mess. 

- Slotkin Letter


Saunders and Julien give achingly beautiful, detailed performances of an older couple still very much in love and more or less at peace with the shape and destiny of their lives.

- The Toronto Star


[Elizabeth Saunders] is a firecracker constantly ignited and ready to burst at the seams.

- Lithium Magazine

Saunders is charming as Puck…her fawning, obsequious approach to Oberon is often very funny, and she puts her physical comedy prowess to work in a way that is delightfully quirky and nuanced.

- My Entertainment World


…an incandescent performance by Elizabeth Saunders*…her unfolding of the story of the death of the son is a white-hot monologue, brilliantly delivered...the anguish she generates on the stage is repellent and fascinating.

- CBC radio


Elizabeth Saunders is fabulous as Mother; she’s flamboyant, completely self-centered, and unable to tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

- Mooney on Theatre


Saunders sparkles, glows, and positively explodes as Rose, the simple sister who seems closest to embracing pagan pleasures.

- London Free Press


Saunders brings instinctive emotional power to her roles.

- Now Magazine

Saunders performance…is a fine-tuned combination of vulnerability, sexual giddiness, and awkward innocence…she leaves deliberately a nagging and ambiguous question of how much the ravaged Baby has learned about the world…

- Edmonton Journal

Saunders, bearing the weight of the play’s dialogue and surprisingly wide emotional range, is superb.

- Now Magazine


…powerful performances, especially Elizabeth Saunders. As Shirley, [she] was a mesmerizing, Artemis-like earth goddess

- Stage


It is Saunders* who achieves the greatest depth of character in the play. She conveys in a most forceful way, the survival instincts and the animal lusts that motivate Constanze Weber.

- Sudbury Star


A chameleon–like Saunders makes a series of striking transformations.

- Calgary Herald

The desperate, withering scorn in the author’s view of the world and of herself come through frighteningly well in Elizabeth Saunders’ performance.

- National Post


Elizabeth Saunders is fearless…flamboyant…Hideous character. Eye-popping performance.

- The Slotkin Letter


No one better than the receptionist (Elizabeth Saunders*)…embodies this schizophrenic world, the pathetic alongside the vulgar, the comic, the tragic, the stupid, and the most poetic fantasy...

- L’Express

Saunders, bearing the weight of the play’s dialogue and surprisingly wide emotional range, is superb.

- Now Magazine

Portrayed with captivating energy and humour by Elizabeth Saunders*, she is a spoiled, playful young woman with a volcanic disposition, and is not beyond taking out her frustration “physically” on her cowering maid.

- Canadian Press

(*indicates Saunders nee Brown)

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